Transition Assistance

We understand transitioning your business to a new Broker/Dealer can be overwhelming without a simple plan and proper assistance. 

Our Transition Assistance Department knows there are many moving parts and each transition is unique. FWG provides an open line of communication during the entire process to ensure a smooth and steady move. Once you are ready to begin your move we will work with you to schedule an introductory meeting with our transition team to discuss your specific needs and create a customized plan of action. We work alongside your team through the entire process and provide the necessary tools and guidance to work with you every step of the way.

Below you will find an outline of a typical transaction process:

FWG is dedicated to assisting you in this transaction at every turn. We provide a large range of full service options to create a quick and efficient transition. Some of the items we offer to support you during the transfer include: 


  •  Personal transition specialist assigned to your branch
  • Laserapp Enterprise Tools and training
  • Redtail Integrations (CRM)
  • Investigo Integrations and training
  • Dedicated Home Office Staff for each line of business
  • Complete Forms Library located on our website
  • Assistance with document preparation
  • Home Office OSJ will be available to expedite your transition
  • Detailed lists to outline document requirements


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