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Personalized Marketing

Build a business your way by creating a financial brand and image with the support of our marketing team. 

As an independent advisor, we recognize the importance of creating and maintaining your personal brand in building a business. Keeping a brand active and current is imperative to any business owner.

At FWG, we realize you know best how to preserve and expand your client base. Our marketing support team allows you to build your business your way to create an image specifically tailored towards the products and services you offer through FWG’s various enterprise relationships. 

FWG’s marketing team’s purpose is to augment the building of your business with a customized image and persuasive message so you can reach your target audience to produce the outcome you desire. Through innovative ideas and tools, they guide you through the process so that you achieve your vision. 

Some personalized services offered through FWG include: 

  •  Graphic Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Advertisements
  • Website Design & Services
  • Personalized e-blasts
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Home Office Quarterly Newsletter
  • Editing Services 

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