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A History of Independence

Financial West Group’s, (FWG), spirit of independence started over 30+ years ago when its CEO, Gene C. Valentine, purchased the company in 1985. Always placing the client in the forefront, Gene fashioned FWG based upon the essence of the American Dream—realizing an individual’s potential through freedom of choice to create one’s own financial future. 

For the client this represents the liberty to choose whatever financial instruments best fit their needs and objectives to create a monetary future independent of outside economic influences. Secure in the fact that they and their family have a stable financial destiny is every client’s goal. 

As a representative it characterizes emancipation from the Wall Street corporate culture of proprietary investment products, corporate bureaucracy and mandated sales quotas. It gives an individual the autonomy to create their fiscal future through a rep-owned business by offering options with diverse programs and products. 

To the employee it embodies a self-disciplined workplace that fosters individual talents to realize career goals. Even if an individual is not originally from a financial background, the company’s performance based culture promotes from within awarding growth opportunities in recognition of quality service. 

The spirit of independence can only be accomplished when everyone, at all relations of a company, enjoys the fruits of free will–freedom to choose, freedom to create and freedom to be. This is the real meaning of independence. When a company has a longstanding principle where everyone actually experiences these freedoms then it truly is the spirit of Independence.

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