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As an incorporated 30-year privately owned and operated securities and investment firm, we know at FWG your success is our success.

All of our Executive Officers, individually, have over 30+ years experience in the financial industry. Each began their careers in financial services as an advisor, eventually, branching out into specialized sectors of the industry. They all grew into senior positions overseeing departments in marketing, whole selling, charitable trusts, investment banking, FINOP, legal and compliance for major national firms. 

This well-rounded expertise in the financial industry equates to an understanding of the challenges an independent representative faces in building a rep-owned business. Committed to the independent investment representative and their clients, our Executives Officers transferred their insights and experience into a reliable Broker/Dealer agenda dedicated to the highest level of support and personal service. 

Support and personal service to our Executive Officers represents making themselves accessible to FWG’s clients, representatives and employees. Our Executive team knows the value of integrity and access, instilling it into our company’s policy from the top down. Implementing and living by these values is the guiding principle to our company’s course of action in sustaining every FWG representative and their clients’ financial well-being. 

Registered in all fifty-states and, with over 350 registered representatives, the testament of our company’s commitment and principles is in the longstanding 25+ year tenure of our representatives and the 17+ year average our employees working with our firm.


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